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There are a variety of notification types that are available depending on whether they are default to vBulletin, or whether they are part of other modifications. The default list available is:

  • Blog Group Requests: Notifications about requests to join a Blog Group you are in control of.
  • Group Messages Moderation: Notifications about messages added to a moderation queue in a usergroup you are ‘Leader’ of.
  • Picture Comments Moderation: Notifications about comments that have been placed in the moderation queue for you to approve.
  • Picture Comments: Notifications of comments on pictures in your albums.
  • Social Group Invites: Notifications of invitations to join a Social Group.
  • Social Group Requests: Notifications of requests to join a Social Group you manage.
  • Friend Requests: Notifications of requests to be added as your friend.
  • Visitor Message Moderation: Notifications of new visitor messages place in the moderation queue for you to approve.
  • Unread Visitor Messages: Notifications of unread (new) visitor messages.
  • Unread Private Messages: Notifications of unread (new) private messages.

In addition to the above notifications, you may also have access to the following options produced by DBTech:
  • Thanks Received (Advanced Post Thanks/Like): Notifications of new Thanks/Likes/etc received on your posts.
  • New Trophies (vBActivity & Awards): Notifications of new Trophies you’ve gained.
  • New Medals (v): Notifications of new Medals/Awards you’ve received.
  • Medal Moderation (vBActivity & Awards): Notifications of Medals/Awards placed in the moderation queue for you to approve.
  • Achievements (vBActivity & Awards): Notifications of Achievements you’ve reached.
  • Mentions (Advanced @User Tagging): Notifications of new mentions you’ve received across the site.
  • Thread Tags (Advanced @User Tagging): Notifications of threads you’ve been tagged in.
  • Quotes (Advanced @User Tagging): Notifications of new quotes to your messages.
  • Triple Triad Requests (Triple Triad): Notifications of requests to new Triple Triad battles.
  • Download Comments (vBDownloads): Notifications of new comments to your download files.
  • Random Questions (Random Questions): Notifications of new Random Questions that have been answered about you.

You will notice that each option is listed twice, once in the section Receive Notifications For and also in Permanent Notifications.

Receive Notifications For will allow you to receive a notification for a specific item in the list, such as Unread Private Messages. If you uncheck the box next to it, you will not be notified of when you receive a new Private Message through the Notification system on the site.

Permanent Notifications allows you to turn on a notification permanently. That means it will stay on the screen irrespective of whether you have received a new notification. This can be useful if you want to be able to access an area quickly, such as the location for Private Messages or similar. If you select this option but not the Receive Notifications For equivalent option, you will not receive updates to new notifications.

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