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To subscribe to a mailing list you need to go to the vBM home and then select the Subscribe option next to the mailing list you want to subscribe to. It is as simple as that. The page will reload showing you the Unsubscribe option in place of Subscribe.


If a mailing list is not linked to the user database, it will not have the option for Manage Keyword Subscriptions.

The list also displays the last mail that was sent, itÂ’s title, time and date it was sent, and a link to the stored version in the Mail History.

vbmailhomeactions2.pngUnsubscribing is similarly as easy, just clicking the Unsubscribe option next to the mailing lists you want to unsubscribe from.

By default when a user chooses to be unsubscribed from receiving Admin emails (a setting within the UserCP), they will automatically not receive any emails, irrespective of whether they have subscribed to a mailing list or not.

Any emails you receive via the vBMail mailing list system will also contain a link to unsubscribe by one click, even if you are not logged in to the site. Additionally a link to adjust the keywords settings is also available in the footer of the email.vbmailemailunsubscribe.png

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