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Threads (sometimes called Topics) is a collection of posts, usually displayed – by default – from oldest to latest. A thread is defined by a title and an opening or original post (common abbreviation 'OP', which can also mean original poster) which opens whatever dialogue or makes whatever announcement the poster wished. A thread can contain any number of posts, including multiple posts from the same members, even if they are one after the other (sometimes called double posting).

Double Posting is generally prohibited on TXU, and such double posts will be merged by the moderators into one post. Exceptions are detailed in the relevant forums if Double Posting is allowed. Generally, posts can be edited by the poster.

Posts are able to utilize BBCode, that is tags that surround a section of text and produce specified behaviour, for example, making text bold, italics, underlined, links to other web locations, images, etc. Details can be found in the FAQ or in the Wiki Code List.

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