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When you are perusing the site, vBNotifications will periodically check to see if you have received any new notifications. If you have it will display a notification informing you of it.

notificationsbox.pngNotice that the box has a little ‘X’ in one corner. You can click the ‘X’ to dismiss the notification. This will dismiss it until the next new notification of that category is sent out, at which point you will receive a new notification, detailing the total amount of new notifications.

If you click on the box, you will be taken to the appropriate area of the site to see the result of the notification (Inbox for your Personal Messages, or the Visitor Message section of your profile, or the Social Group that has received a new comment).

At times a message might be displayed informing you of important updates or news. This appears in a shaded box above the notifications area briefly. The settings as to how often this displays is controlled by the administrators of the site.


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