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vBMail stores previously sent emails to each mailing list, allowing you to look back at the content in case you were not subscribed to the email, or for reference.


If a mailing list is not linked to the user database, it will not have the option for Manage Keyword Subscriptions.

The list also displays the last mail that was sent, it’s title, time and date it was sent, and a link to the stored version in the Mail History.

vbmailhomeactions2.pngOn the vBM home page select View Mail History for the mailing list you are interested in.

vbmailmailihistoryThe page will list all of the previous emails that relate to the mailing list you’ve selected to examine. For each one listed is the Subject line and the Date, as well as an option to View the email. Clicking on view brings you to a page like this:

vbmailviewemail.jpgWhile you cannot request the email to be sent or resent to your email address, you can examine the content in greater depth.

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