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Minotaur - Is the primary Missile Frigate of the Argon Navy, developed in response to the ever increasing threat of the Kha'ak and Xenon. It's main focus is being able to launch a barrage of missiles at enemy ships in large quantities.

Ship Information
x3tc_minotaur.jpg|thumb|center|Minotaur Mk I
ClassM7M, Missile Frigate
VariantsThere are no variants
This article is about the Minotaur. For other similarly named articles, see Minotaur (disambiguation).

General Information

The Minotaur is built to utilize the most powerful barrage missiles against enemy ships. It has a slow speed, a result of the large hull and armor it is built with, yet it's missile capabilities literally mean it can obliterate a medium sized fleet in minutes, especially if it appears unexpectedly or has been able to mask it's presence.

There are no known variants of this ship.


Built from earlier Frigate prototypes, the Minotaur brings together the latest in missile technology, the current forefront of the military focus of the Argon military.

Focus on missiles which are cheap and more expendable than manned ships and craft resulted in an increased use of this technology in both the Missile Frigate that became known as the Minotaur, and the Bomber class Gladiator. The results in trials was impressive, and the Argon military has pushed more of it's budget's into developing this method of attack craft.

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Statistical Comparison

SpecificationsX³: Terran Conflict
VersionMinotaur Mk I
Min Notoriety
Speed41.2 - 69.99 m/s
Acceleration5.25 - 8.925 m/s²
Steering0.55% - 0.93%
Reactor Output (power)14400 MW
Hull Strength350000
Shield Type3 x 1 GJ Shield ()
Weapons Energy50500 MJ
Weapons Recharge RateMW
Cargo4300 - 8000 XL
Gun Count16


Armed with the Flail Barrage Missile and Hammer Heavy Torpedo, it is almost untouchable at distance. Firing from 8 forward facing launchers, and two sets of four launchers on either side of the ship, it can deal with more attacks simultaneously than any other Argon ship.

It is also capable of launch the Boarding Pod which allows it to place marines on enemy ships quicker than they could ordinarily do.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Minotaur Mk I
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:

Gallery for the Minotaur
x3tc_minotaur.jpg|thumb|center|Minotaur Mk I

The only version of the Minotaur .

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