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Barracuda - The Boron Barracuda is the middle ground of the M3 class, having neither too much nor too little of anything. It retains a high top speed that many Boron ships are recognized for, while retaining a good amount of shielding. The Barracuda's Jack-of-all-trades attitude makes it popular among many fighter pilots, although its inability to mount a rear turret is something of a design flaw.

The Barracuda is a new development to replace the Eel. When the plans for the Barracuda were developed, it was made clear that the Eel was too out-dated. The Barracuda improved on the design with a new power generator. This then allowed for the weaponry to be upgraded and room for slightly increased cargo space and improved acceleration. As the Barracuda is now in service the Eel is no longer supported by the Boron Navy.



The weapons of the Barracuda are not to be take lightly, despite the generally peaceful nature of the Boron people. Fitted with a regular array of Heavy Fighter class weapons, the Barracuda also includes the Boron and Argon Ion Disruptor. useful for quickly taking down the enemy's shields, hopefully causing a quick change of heart on the opponents attack.


The ship is agile and quick, as is to be expected from Boron ships, and as such is more than capable of keeping itself ahead in a dog fight, despite lacking the rear turret of many current Heavy Fighters. It is capable of outrunning the vast majority of ships it encounters, so can easily retreat from a battle before it is overwhelmed.

Hangar Bay

This ship has no Hangar Bay


The Barracuda became the latest Boron Heavy Fighter when it replaced the Eel. Though the Eel was a capable ship, the advancement in M3 class ships across the universe required a more versatile and powerful ship to deal with rigors of the universe.

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