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Skirnir - The Missile Frigate for the Terran ATF, among the latest developments of the ATF Fleet in terms of new technology, and considerably slower than the Aegir regular Frigate.

Ship Information
x3-terran-conflict.jpg|thumb|center|Skirnir Mk I
ClassM7M, Missile Frigate
VariantsThere are no variants
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General Information

As the latest development in the ATFs Frigate fleet, the Skirnir is designed primarily as a Missile Frigate, with heavily reinforced hull and 16 forward facing missile launchers split into two turrets.

There are no known variants of this ship.


The result of the ATFs increased paranoia for Terran defense, the Skirnir was developed from the Martian Shipyard's greatest shipwrights. Intent on developing a heavily reinforced hull, the Skirnir went through a number of prototypes before the current design was settled upon.

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Statistical Comparison

SpecificationsX³: Terran Conflict
VersionSkirnir Mk I
Min Notoriety
Speed45.5 - 91 m/s
Acceleration6.83 - 13.66 m/s²
Steering0.51% - 1.03%
Reactor Output (power)12500 MW
Hull Strength280000
Shield Type4 x 2 GJ Shield ()
Weapons Energy71900 MJ
Weapons Recharge RateMW
Cargo5500 - 9500 XL
Gun Count20


Utilizing the Ghoul Missile and the Shadow Missile, the Skirnir has two carefully placed forward facing turrets, each containing 8 missile launchers. It's rear turret allows it to stave off most attacks from smaller fighter class ships.

It's main capabilities centre on it's being able to aggressively respond to any Pirate or Xenon incursions suddenly and heavily.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Skirnir Mk I
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:

Gallery for the Skirnir
x3-terran-conflict.jpg|thumb|center|Skirnir Mk I

The only version of the Skirnir .

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