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The Swordfish is a utility frigate used by the Boron. It specializes in the use of ion disruptors.

Ship Information
ClassM8, Utility Frigate
VariantsThere are no variants of this ship

General Information

The Swordfish is a utility ship built to strip targets of their shields, leaving the hulls intact. Extremely fast and maneuverable for a ship of its size, it is designed to enter close-quarter combat with enemy vessels, close them down and force their crew to surrender. It is seen as a typical expression of the Borons' peaceful nature, focusing on peaceful settlement rather than a fight to the death.


The Swordfish was built as a strategic ploy to deal with pirate threats in the southern sectors. Having been frustrated with raids for years on end, Boron officers were frustrated with how the pirates kept coming no matter how many patrols the navy established. Attempts to capture pirates and interrogate them led nowhere, as the organizations kept all vital information on a need-to-know basis. The solution, then, had to be capturing pirate leaders. The problem with this was that the leaders, when out in the field, could usually only be found in capital ships - ships not easily captured.

This led to the idea of equipping a fast, well-protected ship with ion disruptors to strip away the command vessel's shields and boarding it before the commander could jump away. The Swordfish was constructed from the shell of a decommissioned Hammerhead, given a huge engine booster and a new turret configuration. Once it was ready, it joined a light Boron taskforce to track down the pirate leaders. Entering battle, the pirates were taken by surprise as the Boron focused their attention on the capital ship of the fleet. The Swordfish approached very quickly and stripped the commander's Carrack of its shields; before being able to jump, the rest of the Boron ships had targeted the jumpdrive and crippled the ship. Forced to surrender, the pirate leader was taken into custody and interrogated.

Lore from an unknown source
According to an article in the Boron navy's circulation, the pirate commander who was captured in the first action where the Swordfish was used, refused to give in to his interrogators until he was threatened with extradition. Believing he would be turned over to the Argon, he still refused, saying: "Let them do their worst".

However, the pirate was very much wanted by the Paranid as well, having orchestrated a heist the local population of Priest's Pity called a "massacre". More than a dozen civilians had been killed in the robbery, and the Paranid authorities had sworn revenge and "satisfaction". Upon hearing that the Boron actually planned to hand him over to the Paranid, he started to share all he knew. Some sources claim he is still being held today, as an asset to Boron police.

Expert's review

The Swordfish has good shielding and a powerful laser generator, the latter being a necessity if it is to be used to its full potential. Quick and agile, the Boron M8 can lower the shields of most comparable ships without much difficulty, making it easy for troops to enter the target vessel. The beam weapons it uses are higly accurate and specifically designed for the purpose of capturing other vessels.

Statistical Comparison

SpecificationsX²: The ThreatX³: ReunionX³: Terran Conflict
Min Notoriety
Speed- m/s? - 150.19 m/s- m/s
Accelerationm/s²6.29 m/s²m/s²
2.4 rot/min
2.0 rot/min
1.3 rot/min

Reactor Output (power)MW5300 KJ MWMW
Hull Strength90000
Shield Type()2 x 1 GJ Shield (? s)()
Weapons EnergyNot Available30000 w MJMJ
Weapons Recharge RateNot Available749.7 w/s MWMW
Cargo-? - 3200 XL-
Gun Count28

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The Swordfish is as made for capturing ships; normally equipped with ion disruptors in all turrets, it can also mount any beam weapon of Kha'ak configuration in its main gun, even the most powerful Gamma version.

Gun PositionGun CountCompatible Weapons
Main Gun12, , ,
Aft Turret4, , , , , ,
Right Turret2, , , , , ,
Left Turret2, , , , , ,
Dorsal Turret4, , , , , ,
Ventral Turret4, , , , , ,
Missiles that can be launched by this ship are:
, , , , , , , , , ,

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