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Tips on Writing HTML Emails

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It is beyond the scope of this manual to write an in-depth tutorial on HTML, but there are some tips we can suggest that might help you along the way.

First of all, there are many good tutorial sites on the internet, perhaps the best of which is w3schools.com. The tutorials available there will provide an easy means of gaining the basics of HTML.

When writing HTML, is it good practice to follow the standards already in place on how to format and utilize HTML. One tip is to make sure that all HTML tags are opened and closed properly within the rules governing them. By keeping things neat and orderly, you will ensure that all compliant web browsers and email clients can display the HTML exactly as you want it displayed.

Sometimes you may find you can see something just like what you want to achieve on another web page (perhaps you want to use the formatting of your own website), in which case there is an easy way of seeing how that content is created.

The top web browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera) all have an option to examine the HTML of a page. Often it is labelled something like “View Page Source”, available when you right click on a webpage. Once the page source is opened, you will be presented with the HTML display of that page. Scroll through the content to find what you want. Then it will be largely a matter of copying and pasting the content into your email. Make sure the formatting is as you want in case there is a slight conflict between content you’ve already written, and that which you’ve pasted.

If after all of this you get stuck, feel free to post for advice in the appropriate place here at TXU or use the forums of some of the tutorial websites. When doing so, always provide as much information as you can to help them understand the issue and then present you a solution to it.

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