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Typhoon Missile

Typhoon Missile
GuidanceSwarm-Image Recognition
Speed156 m/s
Life384 s
Blast Radius20 m
Ware ClassT
Price¢30,323 (Min) ¢33,692 (Ave) ¢37,061 (Max)
Sold byTeladi
Notoriety Required to Trade this Commodity:
ArgonFederation Guardian
BoronQueens Knight
ParanidPriest Protectorate
SplitFamily Protector
TeladiCompany Manager
GonerHonoured Pilgrim

Typhoon Missile

Typhoon Missile

Packing a bigger punch than the Wasp Missile, the Typhoon Missile again allows multiple armaments to be launched at the same target. Using Image Recognition guidance systems, the chances of a kill are good. Launching simultaneously or in succession, the pilot has the option to fire when not directly pointed at the active target.


In practice, the Typhoon behaves as a much heavier Wasp Missile. It is slow, but the multiple warheads can defeat turret defenses. As such, it makes a good finisher against capital ships, once shields have been brought down.


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